The multifrequency KROOSH screening technology provides the self-cleaning effect of the sieves,  eliminates clogging, breaks agglomerates, creates a vibrofluidized layer of material on the sieve where the small particles easily pass to the sieve surface and thus provides the most effective regime of sieving together with high capacity and significant energy savings for kg / ton of product. The KROOSH screens solve complex tasks in dry as well as in wet sieving processes.

The KROOSH technology is a vibrational technology which is a combination of methods and devices for multifrequency excitation of granular, liquid or viscous material. The technology is based on the principle of the action of a continuous frequency spectrum on granular material, passing through a screen. Granular medium is characterized by an infinite set of natural frequencies. Therefore, it is effectively loosened and segregated to ensure the penetration of fine particles to the sieve surface.

The Kroosh vibratory machines are equipped with a mechanical device that converts single-frequency oscillations of the body into multifrequency oscillations of the sieve. As a result, the accelerations transmitted to the sieve reach 500 g and more in contrast to 5 g on traditional machines while the body oscillation amplitude decreases from 3-6 mm down to 0.8-1.5 mm.

The vibration system of the screen is calculated and designed in such a way that it remains in a specified oscillation mode when the load fluctuates within wide limits.

Due to the above-mentioned effects, Kroosh multi-frequency apparatuses gain the following advantages over conventional single-frequency machines:

  • complete absence of sieve blinding;

  • substantial increase of screening capacity and efficiency;

  • expansion of processed materials range;

  • multiple decrease of the load on the base surface during the machine operation.

The payback period of the equipment does not exceed two years.