Fine classification of tantalum powders at cut points of 0.04, 0.1, 0.3, ... 1.0 mm  
1. Pulp filtering in the technology of uranium extraction by downhole method   Screening product: +0.3 mm sorbent with the S:L ratio of 1:1 in uranium production. Type of screen: ULS 2010.12WSS, 9 units.
In production of gravel from crushed rock, rejects with particles smaller than 5 mm form, which in most cases are not used and are considered a waste because they do not lend themselves to further "dry" fractionation by technical means available to enterprises. The waste is stored in dumps creating serious economic and environmental problems.
Screening products: 0.8-2.5 mm dolomite grits and 0-0.8 mm dolomite powder, which are components of livestock and poultry feed. Type of screens: ULS 2.3x1Int, 2 units; ULS 2x1L, 1 unit.
1. Screening of dry fuel coke at a cut point of 3.0 mm in the furnace loading lines   Screening product: dedusted 3-25 mm coke (coke nut) for use in the manufacture of phosphorus.
1. Screening sand-gravel-clay mixture with a moisture content of up to 6%   Screening product: sand for finishing materials.