Multifrequency screens

Kroosh rectangular screens in the coal beneficiation plant

Our company - the world's only developer of patented multi-frequency vibration technology and manufacturer of unique multi-frequency vibration machines marketed under the brand name «UltimateScreenerTM ULS». This high-quality classification equipment has no analogues in the world market.

Our multi-frequency screens allow screening of many problematic materials that can not be effectively screened in conventional vibrating screens due to agglomeration of particles or clogging of the mesh appertures. Our machines carry out an effective industrial and laboratory screening of sticky and wet granular materials, slurries with high solid concentration, as well as fine ground powders on micron size meshes.

The company manufactures series of multifrequency vibration machines of different sizes, designed to screen materials in powder metallurgy, ore or coal benficiation, building materials manufacture, fertilizers, chemical, food, pharmaceutical industries and other industries.