Application of multifrequancy screens in mining and metallurgy

1. Pulp filtering in the technology of uranium extraction by downhole method


Screening product: +0.3 mm sorbent with the S:L ratio of 1:1 in uranium production.

Type of screen: ULS 2010.12WSS, 9 units.

Type of screening surface: PET polyester sieve, 0.3 mm openings.

Replaced equipment: conventional screen.

Reason for change: poor performance of conventional screen by the finished product, poor filtration of the solution due to sieve blinding, product losses due to the need to work on a sieve with larger openings.


Achieved results: The use of ULS 2010.12WSS screens allowed the customer to increase significantly the capacity of the production line, ensure the quality and consistent dehydration of the sorbent in accordance with specified parameters, eliminate sieve blinding. The feed capacity of the screen was up to 50m³/h, the specific capacity being up to 15.4 m³/m²∙h by the product.


ULS 2010.12WSS screens in the line of sorbent concentration.

Year of commissioning: 2009.



2. Size reduction of crushed copper-zinc ore
with a moisture content of up to 10% in closed crushing cycles


Screening product: 0-8 mm ore before feeding to first stage grinding mills.

Type of screen: ULS 2814.12, 3514.22 (in development).

Type of screening surface: cable sieve with polyurethane coating, square openings; cable string-slot Kroosh sieve, rectangular openings.

Replaced equipment: new technology.


Achieved results: The use of Kroosh screens in production of 0-8 mm ore can increase the capacity of the crushing equipment by 15-20% and reduce substantially the specific energy consumption for ore grinding, which accounts for 40% of all energy consumption at mineral processing plants.


Industrial tests of copper-zinc ore screening at cut points of 5 and 8 mm
on a pilot ULS 1506.1 screen


Feed material


Feeding of crushed ore into the screen


Oversize product


Undersize product



3. Screening of flux limestone with a moisture content of up to 5% in harsh environments


Screening product: 5-20 mm limestone for use in metallurgical conversion.

Type of screen: ULS 2310.1I, 2 units.

Type of screening surface: steel braided sieve.

Replaced equipment: new technology.

Purpose of purchase: improving the quality of raw materials for metallurgical conversion. Earlier, 0-20 mm limestone was used in the process.


ULS 2310.1I screens in the line of limestone flux screening.

Year of commissioning: 2007.



4. Screening of coal charge with a moisture content of up to 12% at a cut point of 6 mm


Screening product: 0-6 mm coal charge for use in metallurgical coke production

Type of screen: ULS 2814.12H.

Type of screening surface: cable string-slot Kroosh sieve.

Replaced equipment: stationary screen.

Reason for replacement: extremely low screening efficiency (13-15%).


Achieved results: The effectiveness of screening of material with increased adhesion reached 45-50%. The capacity of the screen was 150-180 t/h; the specific capacity was 45-50 t/m²∙h.


ULS 2814.12H screens in the line of coal charge screening

Year of commissioning: 2012.