Application of multifrequancy screens in the chemical industry

1. Screening of dry fuel coke at a cut point of 3.0 mm in the furnace loading lines


Screening product: dedusted 3-25 mm coke (coke nut) for use in the manufacture of phosphorus.

Type of screen: ULS 2010.1, 4 units.

Type of screening surface: woven metal sieve, 3 mm openings.

Replaced equipment: double deck GIL 42 screen.

Reason for replacement: low efficiency of screening, rapid wear and high consumption of screening surfaces.


Achieved results:

  • reduction of the -3 mm fraction content, especially, of its dust component in the furnace coke down to 1% (acceptable value is 3%, that obtained on the GIL screen was 6-8%);
  • reduction of losses from coke regrinding during screening: ULS – not more than 1.3%, GIL – not less than 6%;

  • increased service life of sieves: ULS – 4 weeks, GIL – 3-5 days; screening surface area: ULS – 1.8 m², GIL – 8.1 m²;

  • replacement of four GIL 42 screens with a total screening surface area of 32.4 m² with four ULS 2010.1 screens with a total screening surface area of 7.2 m² with the same capacity of 12 t/h per screen.

Year of commissioning: 2004.



2. Control screening of agro mineral (phosphate) with a moisture content of up to 20%
with the purpose of separation of stones larger than 15 mm


Screening product: phosphate for the production of phosphoric acid.

Type of screen: ULS 2.8x1.25, 2 units.

Type of screening surface: fire grate, 15x180 mm openings.

Replaced equipment: Grizzly screen.

Reason for replacement: passing of large stones into the line of acid production, grate blinding.


Achieved results: The use of ULS 2.8x1.25 screens significantly improved the quality of starting materials for phosphoric acid production, eliminated grate blinding, reduced the cost of repairing the main technological equipment. The capacity of the screen was 250 t/h at the round-the-clock work, the specific capacity was 75 t/m²∙h. The service life of the grate was 6 months.


A ULS 2.8x1.25 screen in the line of wet agro mineral screening.

Year of commissioning: 2005.



3. Production of potash fertilizers in accordance with quality standard


Screening product: granular 2-4 mm potash fertilizers.

Type of screen: ULS 2811.2, double deck.

Types of screening surface: polyurethane rope sieves with square openings and woven metal sieves with rectangular openings.

Customers: fertilizer plants.


Achieved results: The screening efficiency is 85-98%, operating costs are significantly reduced. The feed capacity of the screen is 50 t/h, the specific capacity is 19 t/ m²∙h.


A pilot double deck ULS 2006.2 screen at a potash fertilizers plant.



4. Control screening of magnesium powder in the lines of product packaging and jet milling


Screening product: dry magnesium powder (several size modifications within the 1-150 µm), prone to adhesion, cohesion and agglomeration.

Type of screen: ULS 2010.1v, special KT 10N modification for dry food and medicines, 2 units.

Type of screening surface: special nylon sieve, 0.12-0.3 mm openings.

Replaced equipment: rotary sifter.

Reason for replacement: great losses of useful product in the oversize, uncontrollable fast rupture of the sieves, significant losses of resources during the rescreening of the defective product, high cost of sifters maintenance.


Achieved results:

  • capacity increase from 0.5-0.7 to 1.5-2.5 t/h;

  • reduction of specific consumption of power per ton of screened product by 2-3 times;

  • elimination of losses of useful product in the oversize and its subsequent rescreening;

  • significant reduction of losses due to sieve ruptures;

  • significant reduction of maintenance costs.


The service life of the screen was up to 1 month.


Specialized screens for screening magnesium powder.

Year of commissioning: 2010.