Solid Fuels

Processing of fine-dispersed coal from sludge

The market entry of multifrequency screens enabled qualitative desliming of sludge depositories at concentration plants at a cut point of 100 µm, making it cost-effective to reclaim thermal coal with an ash content of less than 40%, and at some fields – metallurgical coal with an ash content of less than 15%.


Minimization of waste disposal to tailing dumps

Processing flotation waste, sludge and other rejects of coal at concentration plants on multifrequency screens provides an additional increase in production and significant reduction of tailing dumps due to disposal of only minor amounts of high-ash 0-0.1 mm fractions.


Improving the quality of finished products and waste reduction in oil shale concentration

Multifrequency screens are high-efficient machines for separation of oil shale from the process and dumps, as well as for separating dirt in shale oil concentration technology.


Recycling of fly ash microspheres at coal power stations

Kroosh screens are used to obtain commercial quantities of microspheres of new sizes, increasing their consumer properties and expanding the demand for them in high-technology industries.