About Us

Kroosh Technologies Ltd was founded in 1996. The company's activity is based on unique developments in the field of multifrequency technology patented in the leading industrial countries of the world.

Experts in mechanical engineering, mining, chemical industry, physics and mathematics working in the company can solve most complex technical problems.

The vibratory machines produced by the company are used in construction materials production, mining, metallurgy, as well as in coal, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

In addition to the basic models, the company develops and manufactures equipment that can be customized in accordance with the client's specifications.

The company has a laboratory with a full set of test equipment, including screens with required binding and testing sieves. This equipment allows choosing the optimal technological scheme, the parameters of the process and equipment.

Our specialists conduct pilot testing, installation, commissioning of the equipment and on-site training of the personnel.

The scope of the company's activity includes technical support of the supplied equipment and delivery of components and spare parts.

The company has representatives in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, United States and other regions.


Kroosh Technologies Ltd manufactures the sieving equippment without analogues in the world market